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We care for the environment, as part of our effort we are committed to ensure all wood used in our furniture come from legal and sustainable resources. Currently we are in the process of obtaining VLO-Verification of Legal Origin.

We also make sure that our products satisfy consumer demand and safety. Our children furniture meets the USA-CPSIA 2008 new and strict requirements for Lead content, Phthalates and Certain Heavy Metal substances in all aspects of our products. CARB compliant board is used whenever the market demands, such as California distribution.

Recycle, yes we do.
To ensure maximum use of the wood harvested, we make certain that all waste created from the process are being utilized by us or other industries. The smaller parts are used to make MDF, Particle Board or smaller wood art craft. Even the wood dust gets recycle for different purposes, either as energy alternative for kiln dry or used in the farming industries. None of it is wasted.